About Us

SPED – INPEX has been in the transport industry for several years and is constantly improving its shipping services in order to deliver its customers a top quality service corresponding to European standards. In a few years we have become specialists in what we do. Our express service will ensure that your items will get to exactly where you need them, and in the shortest possible time. We monitor the evolving market and its requirements, and thanks to this we are constantly ready for new changes we can expressly adapt to.

Our priority is to listen to our clients’ requests and provide them with a service that will give them a competitive edge and satisfy our clients even in the case of non-traditional requirements. The best measure of the quality of our work is the hundreds of satisfied clients entrusted into our hands and whose expectations we have precisely met.  From small to oversized items. The one thing we need to know is when and where the items are to be delivered and we will take care of everything